Welcome to Siyabonga Hunting Safaris

Siyabonga Safaris offer a complete African bush hunting experience tailor made to suit your individual needs. Siyabonga Safaris consists of two conessions, Didimala and Pniel Hunting Safari, situated in the wild Northern Cape and Free State of South Africa.

The duration of the safari will depend on the number of trophies to be hunted. Each safari is designed to meet the requirements of the client.

Hunting safaris are tailor-made to suit your individual needs and usually range from 7 to 14 days, throughout the year. Our safaris take us through a major city, Kimberley - The Diamond City where the biggest man-made hole in the world is to be seen. The Northern Cape and Free State areas are Malaria free.

The concessions are in the Free State and Northern Cape Province where we will start your safari. The Concession Areas are about 40km/25mi from the airport. Shopping and sight seeing is just a stone's throw away.

We travel in style using well maintained customised 4x4 vehicles that are designed for endurance, safety and comfort. This is the dry season which implies that the days will be cool and sunny. The nights are chilly so pack accordingly.

Living conditions are comfortable as our camps are at sites with good facilities and beautiful scenery. The meals are excellent and well prepared. We cater for a brunch and dinner per day, plus snacks.

View daily rates

  • Full time services of experienced, ethical professional hunters
  • Complete staff including trackers, skinners and lodge staff
  • All meals, soft drinks, beer, spirits and a wide selection of South Africa's finest wines
  • Daily laundry, weather permitting
  • Well equipped 4 x 4 hunting vehicles
  • Field preparation of trophies
  • Transfer to and from Kimberley Airport.
  • Government licenses / Fees

View packages

  • 1st Time African Hunt : 5 species, 1 hunter with 1 PH
  • Package A : 6 species, 1 hunter with 1 PH
  • Package B : 8 species, 1 hunter with 1 PH
  • Spiral Horned & Bovine Package : 5 species, 1 hunter with 2 PH
  • Sable Package : 4 species, 1 hunter with 1 PH
  • Roan Package : 4 species, 1 hunter with 1 PH
  • Cull Hunt : 4 species, 14 animals, 1 hunter with 1 PH

The Experience

  • Awe-inspiring sunrises and sunsets illuminating the mighty African sky.
  • Night skies unrivalled in their brilliance as the moon rises, full and red, over Africa.
  • Meet local people and gain insight into new lifestyles and cultures.
  • Marvel over Africa's beautiful and varied landscapes as you observe wild animals and birds in their natural habitats.